The Free Cross-Platform Vocabulary Trainer

VokabelPauker will be a free, open source software for training vocabulary and other things, that can be desribed by words. It will be available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

VokabelPauker comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY ! (GNU General Public Licence)

How do I install Vokabelpauker ?

Our first version will run on Apache, PHP & MySQL. Of course, if we find someone who wants to write a component, that works without these servers, he is welcome.

The installation of PHP and MySQL is quite easy using the XAMPP-package:

For further information please read our README file, that comes with the download.

Problems, Bugs, etc. ?

Please use our mailing lists to get help or to contact the developers.

Mailing Lists:


Please visit our sourceforge screenshot page.


Sorry, we're still working on VokabelPauker.

Current status: pre-alpha

Further information:


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